Driver’s Licence Scanning

Each license contains a barcode and although heavily encrypted, the information contained therein including the holder’s names, ID Number, date of birth, gender, license restrictions, validity period etc. can all be captured and used in a myriad of ways to enhance current I.T. solutions. Even the picture of the holder as represented on the front of the card is embedded in the barcode!

This makes it near impossible to create cards that are fraudulent and thus offers immense value to sectors such as car & trailer rental, financial services, security & events management, equipment hire and many other industries where proof of identification is mandated. ALR offers a composite solution to end users or just the software development kit and decryption licenses along with the relevant hardware to systems integrators and software developers.
By scanning licenses, a significant amount of information about the visitor can be captured onto the system in a relatively short period of time. At the point of capture, the guard can quickly assess whether the driver’s license, or vehicle license is legitimate (i.e. not forged) which already deters a significant criminal element before they even get onto the estate.
Security personnel can “blacklist” a vehicle or driver and any other user of the system will immediately be notified should the blacklisted person/vehicle try to access their premises.

You have the option of having all visitors “sign” on the digital screen, that they accept your terms and conditions for example, indemnifying you of litigation.

In addition to having the image from the drivers license recorded, you can also opt to have a picture taken of any other aspect of the vehicle’s entry – be it the vehicle itself (showing the number plate), or of the driver, etc.

In the case of contractors, you can record the number of occupants of a vehicle, and ultimately track how many of those are still on, or off the premises. Our system can send alerts of irregularities (such as if contractors are still on the premises after a certain time).
Android License Scanner

The Android scanner is capable of scanning South African drivers and motor vehicle licenses. With our decryption software installed on the scanner, we are able to integrate this hand held scanner into almost any application.

We are able to integrate this device into virtually any system and develop custom software to cater for any requirements related to scanning of drivers licenses, vehicle license and identity books.