ALR Telecom VoIP Solutions

VoIP Data Solutions for individual

  • Call any number in South Africa
  • Use any smart device
  • All u need is data
  • Uses minimum data way cheaper than whatsapp
  • Receiver doesn’t need data
  • You don’t have to roam when you out of South Africa                                 
  • Call from any country to south Africa for free
  • Transfer calls
  • Record calls
  • Sound quality  100%
  • 20GB Data

For only R1400


VoIP Data Solutions for businesses

ALR Voice over IP service connects to your company’s existing PBX, Switchboard and Handsets, to deliver unlimited phone calls.

  • If you don’t have PBX we provide it
  • Unlimited calls
  • If you don’t have an office line we create it for you e.g 087,012,011,015,013
  • We create extensions for you
  • We will save more than 50% of your bill GUARANTEED
  • We can port your current Telkom line
  • Access office line from anywhere in the world
  • Receive calls on your cell phone number from your landline
  • Make calls from your landline number using your cellphone
  • Record calls
  • When you receive calls on your cellphone you can transfer them to the relevant extension when you have left the office
  • 20GB Data



VoIP Data Solutions for Family

  • Unlimited calls for all beneficiaries sharing
  • All for the price of one
  • You only need one account with us
  • Quick
  • Hassle free
  • Easy to use
  • Landline
  • Unlimited calls
  • Affordable data
  • Router
  • 20GB Data



Want to add data?

Should you want to add additional data you are welcome to contact us with your requirements our friendly team is ready to assist you or

Never leave important business deals to chance again — our VoIP recording service lets you save your phone calls in the cloud and replay them from any Internet-connected device anytime.

VoIP Data Solutions for Office Setup Package

  • Landline /087,012,015,013,012,011 etc
  • Unlimited calls to any number
  • Data
  • Email
  • website
  • Fax number
  • Router
  • 20GB
ONLY R1600.00

Setting up your office telecommunications will only take us 30 minutes. Then you can make and receive calls including the following added benefits:


Condition of Service

  • All lines are restricted to within South African any call across south African borders carries additional charges
  • Calls made outside South Africa to South Africa are free
  • Unlawful use of the phone outside parameters listed in the purchased option, the line will be cut off
  • Proof address and id copy should be sent to by mail within 30 days of taking any package
  • Unpaid subscriptions will result in the line being cut off
  • An administration fee of R200 will apply for any reconnection after being cut off for non-payment
  • All customers are responsible for the payment of the account on time each month
  • Accounts payable by debit order,EFT or cash deposit.
  • Cash deposits will carry an additional charge of R100